Dear December You’re The Best

Dear December,

You’re the last but that is because you are simply the best.

Dear December [S. 1.6]

Dear December [S. 1.1]

Dear December [S. 1.9]

Dear December [S. 1.3]

Dear December [S. 1.4]

Dear December [S. 1.2]

Dear December [S. 1.5]

Dear December [S. 1.10]

Dear December [S. 1.0]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

N.B. As always, I used a key system as a guide to finding items at their designated events. Enjoy! 

Featured Designers:

❥ EC Designs Holiday Fireplace by  Muireann Galli

❥ EC Designs Holiday Table by  Muireann Galli

❥ EC Designs Holiday Sofa by  Muireann Galli

➤ Park Place Little Friends Love and Joy Shelf Set by DeAnn Dufaux

Mariposa  Naughty Twin Joker Deer by Rune Draegonne

➤ Mariposa  Nice Twin Joker Deer by Rune Draegonne

Gallery One Dear Santa Console – December 2017 by Drusilla Gwind

Weiser Furniture and More  Jukebox by Veronica Weiser

Dreamscape Carol Crate Set Barn set of sort by Carlotta Ceawlin

True North Designs Christmas Buffet Table by Dellybean North

EccentriciXi Winter Hat Candy Cane  by EccentriciX

EccentriciXi Dress Kris – Red  by EccentriciX

EccentriciXi Jacket Kris – Red  by EccentriciX

Cherry’s Blossom Cozy Leggings DSH by Nykolina

Other Designers: 

Truth Makena Hair [gift] by Truth.Hawks

Breathe Melena Heels HUD [gift] by daisa Admiral

ENII Poses Ice Licks [includes props] by Eniiah

YKZ4 Productions Poses Couple Christmas Tree [includes props]  [gift] by YKZ4

Inverse Atlanta Colonial House by Novacaine Islay

Events Key:

You may find ( ❥ ) at The Advent Chase Hunt 2017 by Gardenia Event [1st-31st Dec]

You may find ( ➤ ) at Dear Santa Hunt by I&R’s Fun With Hunts [1st – 31st Dec]

You may find ( ✯ ) at The Grab Silver by The Grab [28th Dec – 24th Jan]

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Thank you for reading. 

Hͭaͪpͤpᶠyͣ ͥHͬʸoᵍlͦiͩdͩaͤˢyˢs



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